My Story

People think these sorts of things always happen to someone else.  But until you ARE that ‘someone else’ it’s difficult to truly understand how the loss of a child can affect every aspect of your life and all those around you.  That ‘someone else’ has a family, friends, a job, a life and has to find a way of coping with immeasurable pain and grief.  Thanks to the loving support of our families, friends and so many others who have supported us since 6th October – we try and live life to the full for Isabelle and never to let her memory be in vain.   For a long time it was difficult to see how anything positive could come from such a tragedy but when Graeme came up with the idea of creating a charitable Trust, Russell and I were thrilled to feel we could do something proactive and positive in her memory. Isabelle’s Trust is about supporting those affected by the loss of a baby, reducing the risk for future families and providing ways of remembering their loved ones through memorials and special events. Isabelle will always be a big part of our family; a little sister to Barnaby and a big sister to Pearl, it amazes me every day the impact Isabelle has had and continues to have on all our lives.  I’m so proud to be part of Isabelle’s Trust and thank you for your support now and in the future. This is for you Isabelle, my love, you will always be in our hearts.