My story

Isabelle was our second child, and after a very straight forward first pregnancy and birth we expected this to be no different. We had prepared so fully for the birth and for Isabelle’s arrival; we went into labour at full term + 2 with nothing but excitement and hope in our hearts. The birth itself progressed entirely normally, Isabelle was strong and her heartbeat was clear throughout the birth and there were no signs of trouble at any point of the delivery. When her head was delivered her nuchal cord was tightly wrapped around her neck, and despite being cut free from this very quickly, she was already dead. She had died without ever opening her eyes, in a hospital with all of the tools available to have delivered her safely. Standard intermittent monitoring failed to identify any signs of distress during her birth, coupled with the UK standard lack of a late scan left us oblivious to the danger of her cord being tightly around her neck. Armed with the information we would have had from continuous monitoring we could have taken different decisions and potentially had different outcomes. Isabelle, like 90% of stillbirth children was perfectly formed and ready for life. We feel passionately that Isabelle’s death, like so many other lost babies, could have been avoided. We hope that with better funding for research, awareness and training, we can stop other families having to suffer the loss of a baby.

My life changed forever on that day. Since then I have focused on fundraising to help reduce the chance of this happening to others and supporting those that go through child loss wherever possible. I will never have my daughter back, and I will always be a bereaved parent, but I am committed to doing whatever I can to stop as many families as possible from having to endure the tragedy of child loss.