My story

I recall the morning of 6th October 2012 very well. It was the morning my life and so many of my perceptions and beliefs changed forever.

I had received a call to tell me that my niece, Isabelle Mary Black, had been stillborn. She was my younger brother’s second child and was their first daughter.

While sharing in the grief of Isabelle’s parents, my brother; Russell, and my sister in law; Susie, I decided that I wanted Isabelle’s memory to live on in as positive a way as possible and I asked Russell and Susie if they would allow me to look into the idea of setting up a charity in her memory.

This is how we have come to have our charitable trust and this website, with the help of friends and family and, indeed, from people we really don’t know.

It is my enduring hope that, if nothing else, Isabelle’s Trust will be able to support other families who have gone through that which ours has and if we are able, in some small way to help reduce the impact and incidence of stillbirths in the future we will have more than achieved my and our aims.

Thank you for visiting our site, please help us out in any way you can.