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Judgement Day – 19 July 2015

David Gurney, a very good friend to Russell Black, entered into a 12 mile obstacle race on July 19th 2015 to help raise money for Isabelle's Trust. He completed it with a friend and raised £500 for the trust - a brilliant result for our first major fundraising event. The post race commentary from David: "Absolutely shattered! Completed it, we helped each other round. Great fun! Look forward to the next one.  Some post race pictures to prove we did it. Thanks for everyone's donation again."  

Milk bottle tops collection

We are collecting milk bottle tops for recycling and to raise money for Isabelle's Trust.  At the moment we can collect from the following towns and surrounding areas - Birmingham, Norwich, Sandhurst and York.  Please start collect tops that you have finished with and contact us (through this website) to find out where we can collect from or how to send them to us.  Many thanks for your support.